Moving & Packing Supplies from Store It All Self Storage in San Antonio, Texas

Packing Supplies & Boxes

We can provide a wide variety of moving boxes in whatever size or shape you need. These include flat boxes for mirrors, TVs or other belongings. Contact us to get started with your needs.

But your packing needs don’t stop with boxes, of course! We have a large selection of supplies, from wrapping paper to bubble wrap to mattress bags. So if you’re looking for help with moving boxes or packing supplies, contact us today. We’re the leaders in self-storage solutions near you!

Store It All Self Storage
Moving & packing supplies at Store It All Self Storage in San Antonio, Texas

Types of Packing Supplies

Among the types of packing supplies we offer:

  • Sofa and chair covers: These will prevent your furniture from becoming torn or damaged during the move. This type of cover protects against a variety elements, including rain or dust. The cover can also be used as a tarp to place on the bottom of your storage unit.
  • Rope: Our 100-inch rope can be used for tying down items so that they’re safely secured in the truck or storage unit. It’s heavy-duty, so you can rest assured that it will be ideal for mattresses or other tall items. Our durable-braided nylon rope offers maximum strength for knotting.
  • Foam picture corner protectors: These protectors are ideal for ensuring that your pictures, mirrors and other frames are protected while packing or storing. The thick foam will completely protect your valuables.
  • Stretch film: This type of stretch wrap is ideal for packing and bundling your smaller items for storage. It’s also used for bundling items such as bed frames, electronics or garden tools.
  • Foam packing peanuts: These are sold by the bag and are ideal for protecting all of your breakables, such as glassware. Peanuts will prevent your fragile items from being harmed, so it’s a good idea to use them.
  • Newsprint: This 5-pound material is clean with no ink. It’s great for packing, storing and moving! Newsprint protects everything from china to glass to ceramics, and it doesn’t take up as much area as bubble wrap.

Have questions about moving boxes or other packing supplies? Contact Store It All Self Storage today. We’re here to help with all of your self-storage needs.