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When storing your belongings, it is often recommended toraise them off the floor to protect from flooding and other damage. Wooden pallets are a common method of elevating  your belongings. However, wooden pallets are utilized in the industrial sector to transport all types of materials, so they may be exposed to harmful substances. Here we briefly discuss safely using pallets in self-storage.


Remember that pallets may be used for all kinds of purposes. As with secondhand furniture or clothes, there is no way to know the exact history of an item, and pallets are no exception. They may be used to ship cargo or even transport radioactive material. Since there is no way to know what a pallet has been previously exposed to, it is advised not to use pallets to store items that come in contact with food or water.

Steer clear of pallets that have noticeable stains or damage. Also, check for a stamped logo that may detail the company that produced or used the pallet, and how the wood was treated or cured. In many of these stamps, “HT” may appear, indicating that the pallet was heat treated to kill organisms in the wood. You may also see “MB,” which indicates that the pallet was treated with methyl bromide, which is more effective at treating pallets.

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