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Packing boxes is something we give little thought to during the chaos of moving our belongings. However, a few quick tips on packing boxes can help save you time, effort, and frustration from having damaged property. Here we offer a few pointers on how to pack boxes to protect your treasures in self storage.

  • Pack light items, such as pillows and towels, in larger boxes. This will prevent boxes from becoming too heavy to pick up and move. Pack heavy items, such as TVs and books, in small boxes. One of the biggest complaints from professional movers is large boxes that are too heavy. If you are moving the items yourself, this will prove especially important!
  • Pack the empty spaces with newspaper or towels. Boxes that are uneven or too empty will be tricky to move and can compress under the weight of other boxes.
  • Tape boxes well. This will help seal out dirt, dust, and insects that may find their way into storage.


If you are ready to safely store your belongings and have access to them as you please, contact the team at Store It All today!